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Public Address

Public Address

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Designed as an Hi-Fi amplifier, it featured 4 inputs: 1 mic, 1 phonograph, 2 instruments. Three speakers.

See the Rickenbacker 1955 catalog.

M-22 & M-23 Brillante

See the 1957 catalog. Two 15" speakers for the M-22, three 12" for the M-23, with four optional legs to raise the 32¼"x24"x11¾" cabinet. Three volume controls, treble, bass, and a "brillante" switch (treble boost) also found on later B-16 guitar amplifiers.

SB410, SB215, SB118

1980 public address enclosures.

SB118 © Guitar Emporium

SB118 Speaker Data: One special design 18" heavy duty speaker-bass reflex design. Power Rating: 150 watts RMS maximum. Impedance 4 Ohms.
Tracy Sands

RA 300

2x150 watt RMS or 300 mono at 8 ohms. There was also a RA 600, at 2x300 watt RMS or 600 mono.

RA 300 © unknown

Interesting amplifier, because it represents an attempt at a partnership with Sony Sound Tech in 1985. The endaka (high yen) killed the project.


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